Eventually we must give up all our faces.

Slowly taking off all the layers

becoming someone

we were running away for so long.


It is scary

being naked.

But eventually there is nothing more left,

nothing more to try.


As we are alone

standing before that one way we can go

we know,

it´s time to go.


To finally become ourselves.


And so the journey begins,

the pain is released.


And on destroyed grounds

you walk first shameful

because you are used to

walk in lies.


But in this emptiness

your real strength starts to grow

and you rise

while you go.



You ask me, Who am I?

I like to add the perspectives of others to mine.

Most of all I love to observe.

Which always starts with the question „Why?“


Just to find out, 

there is nothing. 

Nothing and everything 

are the same thing.

In silence. 

In silence, this is how I reach my freedom. 

My moments of pure happiness. 

Alone and together, 



And I realize, 

this moment

is only mine.


Look! This is how the sky looks different.

This is how the world seems more peaceful.


I just sit down

for this one and only moment,

this is how I become truly me. 

Nobody and everybody.

In the reality I belong to,

you see.


This moment, 

is only mine.


Until, again 

I ask 



And I keep spinning around

Until I die. 



As I'm standing in mountains of rubbish,

all I can see is piles of garbage.

The winds are blowing into my face 

the disgusting smells caused by my race.


I'm trying to breath 

but I inhale dirt.

I tried to stay clean

but I only got more hurt.